OneCore Services, LLC offers solutions to boost the financial health of medical providers. We purchase A/R for private and commercial insurance (HMO, PPO, Medicaid, and Medicare). Our factoring process is a fast and simple method to increase your cash flow and help you purchase equipment, increase staff, expand your facility, and reduce debt.

Our process can be configured as an automatic ongoing service to accommodate large facilities with substantial monthly billings, or left as a manual, as-needed system for smaller practices.



  • Numerous Investors w/ OneCore Services, LLC Competing for All Your Offers

  • No Minimum Requirement for Purchase, Entire Types of Treatment

  • All Types of Private Insurance Large or Small Providers

  • Get Highly Competitive Bids or Offers
    for the PPO/HMO A/R

  • Speedy Term Sheet Payment or Offer

  • Very Fast Funding Process – Timeline is Strict
    for Funding Offer and Offer Submission

  • Exclusively Free for all Medical Providers
    Screened and Qualified Investors and Funding Entities

  • Confidential – HIPAA Compliant – Safe
    Immediate Term Sheet Payout or Offer